How to take a screenshot on Windows PC

Taking a screenshot on windows PC is very easy. In this article I will show a simple way about how to take a screenshot on Windows. Here's how

    How to take a screenshot on Windows

      Windows OS has a default screenshot app name Snipping Tool. This app is a useful tool to take a screenshot within 2-3 seconds. To take a screenshot via sniping tool first click on Start menu icon then type Snipping Tool in the search box. Snipping tool app should appear on above in the program menu. Then click to open it.
        On windows 8 to open this program from the tile menu you have to hover over to the charms bar and click on the search tool. Then type Snipping Tool on the search box. The program will appear on the left. To open Snipping Tool simply click on this program.

            Snipping tool

            Once you have the snipping tool open you will see a pop up window that looks like the image below
                By default the program automatically let you select or draw the portion of your screen that you want to capture as a screenshot. You can click on New button from the pop up window to take a new screenshot.
                  After capturing a screenshot you can save it as a JPEG, PNG or GIF file. To save go to File from menu then click Save as option. Also you can do simple edit in your captured screenshot in Snipping tool.
                    Note: The Plus symbol will appear instead of the cursor. You can select/draw the portion you want to capture and release to take the screenshot.

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                    6 tips to save battery life on Android device

                    Whether you are using an android phone or windows phone or I phone, Battery charge is one of the most important matter while using your Smartphone. Even with normal use a high end device can not cover whole day with full battery charge unless you are using your phone just for basic things like calling, note, calculator etc.

                      How to save battery on Android

                      If you are an extreme user of your Smartphone here 6 important things you should know about how to save battery life on android device-
                        1. Bright Wallpaper
                        If the display of your device is OLED, AMOLED and Super AMOLED then bright wallpaper or bright theme can reduce quickly 20% of battery charge. So in this case a dark background wallpaper/theme will be better to use.
                          2. Auto Brightness
                          Using auto brightness all time is not a good idea. In most cases auto brightness takes more battery charge. In this case instead of using auto brightness you can manually adjust the brightness level. While manually adjusting try to keep it low. Using low brightness is really useful to save battery on android device.
                            3. Vibration
                            Use vibration only when it needs. Like on silent mode. But don’t use vibration in alarm. If not necessary than disable ringing vibration, Touch vibration and Keyboard vibration.
                            • To disable ringing Vibration go to Settings->Sound->Then Untick the Vibrate when ringing option.
                            • To disable touch Vibration go to Settings->Sound->Then Untick the Vibrate on touch option.
                            • To disable keyboard vibration go to Settings->language and input-> you will see keyboard apps, click on the settings icon which you are using -> Then tap on the sound and Vibration mode from settings menu->at last make untick on Vibration on Keypress option.
                              4. Update your necessary app and disable auto app update
                              You should update apps those you are using regularly. Though it depends on whether update is available or not. Update not only comes with bug fix and extra features but developers have also a target that their new version will take less charge than previous version. You should also disable auto app update from play store. Auto app update takes more battery charge. Also it cost more internet data without informing you. See this post- How to turn off auto updates for apps and games on android smartphone. In this post I also described that how can update your necessary apps manually.
                                5. Background app and Live Widget
                                On Android smartphone there are so many apps which can run on background even after closing the app. Smartphone which are running more background apps generally takes more battery charge. In this case its better to force stop those unnecessary apps. Also if automatic sync of your phone is enable then it also using internet that takes more charge. Live widget like Weather widget, Facebook, Messaging also gets connected with the internet time to time. So you can decrease auto refresh frequency of these types of widget. Unnecessary widget should be removed as they takes more battery charge.
                                  6. Turn off various connections You should turn off Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, GPS and Data connection while you are not using them. Also turn off location data after use

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                                  Add various Functions with Volume buttons of your android phone

                                  Since you are a mobile user it’s obvious that you are familiar with Volume button. You can’t find anyone who does not use volume button at least once in a day, but why we use volume button? Is it only for adjusting volume? More than 80% of people will answer yes that they generally use volume button for adjusting Music volume, Ringtone Volume etc. But if you want you can use volume button for various purposes - 
                                  1. To take a photo or video. Especially for phones which don’t have any dedicated camera button
                                  2. To turn on the flashlight, means LED light
                                  3. To start any particular app
                                  4. To record an audio
                                  5. To write a text message
                                  6. To Start a call
                                  7. To launch the task manager app
                                  8. To open settings options
                                  Also you can unlock your phone by volume button instead of power button. But how? Let’s see how you can do these by using volume button.
                                    There’s no need to root your device or any type of modification to add those function with volume button. You need to install an app name QuickClick. By this app you can assign various functions with volume buttons of your android phone those are mentioned above.

                                      Download QuickClick from Here

                                        After installing open QuickClick app and turn the switch on in the app. Click on Create new Action. See the screenshot below-
                                          Now you will see a list. The list will show which features you can assign with volume button. Simply give the tick mark on the box which you would like add.
                                            You have to make the combination of pressing volume button. Means how many times you want to press volume + or - button to open a selected function from the range of 1 to 6. See this screenshot-

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                                            Fish vs. Pirates android game, a terrible war of fishes against pirates

                                            Fish vs. Pirates is an awesome challenging and time passing game. When I first start this game it didn’t impress me much but after playing 2-3 level I became addicted with this game.

                                              Download Fish vs Pirates game for Android - Click here

                                                After opening the game click on Campaign. Here you will see total 5 campaigns. Each campaign also consist 10 levels. With challenging and fun gameplay the graphics of Fish vs. Pirates game is really good. Music is also enjoyable.
                                                  Click on Start campaign to start first level. First level is very easy. You will be guided with instruction that how to play this game. At first you need to drag the yellow fish from top left corner to selected box area.
                                                      After you put the yellow fish into selected box then enemies will come and your fish will automatically start shooting to them.
                                                        If you want to bring more fish soldier you have to spend pearl. And to produce pearls you need seashell. The first item on left side is seashell and you need 40 pearls to purchase this seashell. First you will be given some pearls.
                                                          In the above screenshot the number 80 showing on the top that means the number of total amount of pearl you have in your hand which you can spend. Also 57% is showing in top right side that means 50% is completed on current level. After completing 100% you will enter into next level.

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                                                          Clash of Clans online strategy game for android

                                                          Clash of Clans is a online strategy game. In this game you will be given a separate area where you have to arrange your defense like cannons, archer, ammunition etc. So that others can’t take away your Golds and Elixir from your area. Also you have to aware that others could not able to reduce your honor (trophies). Clash of Clan is now one of the best online game for Smartphone.

                                                            Clash of Clans online

                                                              You can also attack others with your troops to take away their Golds and Elixir to increase your honor. You can update your town hall, defense, troops. After updating town hall further it will help you to increase more defenses. 
                                                                The main feature of this game is here you have to fight as a team and you have to rebuild your clan. So let’s start this game. I bet after starting Clash of Clans you will get addicted with this game. You can also connect your facebook account with clash of Clans; so that you will regularly see your friends update those who are also playing this game.
                                                                  Clash of Clans needs to connect with internet all time while playing but don’t worry it will cost only 5-7mb whole day.

                                                                      Play Clash of Clans

                                                                      Download Clash of Clans - Click here

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                                                                      How to Block a phone number for calls or sms on android phone

                                                                      Nowadays many Smartphone have already a built in call block option. But if you want to get more advantage you can use a third party call blocker app. Today I will introduce with a call blocker app. This post is about how to block a phone number for calls or sms on android phone.
                                                                        Calls Blacklist is a popular app for blocking call and sms from unwanted numbers. It also helps to manage a blacklist. By this app you can either block any number from your contacts list, calls, and messages logs, or add unwanted number manually. Also Calls Blacklist comes with some convenient features, such as the ability to block private numbers, or to disable notifications.
                                                                          Advantages of Call Blacklist app -
                                                                          • Your phone never rings and screen never turns on
                                                                          • Reject unknown, withheld and private numbers
                                                                          • You can block all incoming calls
                                                                          • Can also block SMS
                                                                          • Notification of blocked calls. Can disable it in settings
                                                                          • Its very easy to use. A pro version is available although you can get almost all benefit on free version.
                                                                          Download Call Blacklist app - Click here

                                                                            How to block a phone number

                                                                            • To block any number open Call Blacklist app. You will see (+) button. Simply click on it. You have four options from where you can select the number to block. To manually add a number tap on Manually.
                                                                            • To block private Numbers click on Settings icon on top. Then enter Calls from settings menu. Give tick mark on private numbers box. If you want to block all incoming calls then give tick mark on All Calls box.
                                                                            • If you want to block SMS. Then same way enter SMS option from Settings menu. Give tick mark on SMS box. It will block SMS from the numbers which are already in your blacklist. And if you give tick mark on All SMS box then this will block all incoming SMS.
                                                                            • To enable notification of block calls then give tick on Notifications box in settings menu.

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                                                                            How to Record a phone call on android phone

                                                                            We usually have to record phone calls for various reasons. Like an important conversation, or a conversation with a celebrity or star everyone wants to record as memories. Let’s see how to record a phone call on android Smartphone.
                                                                              There are so many Call recorder app is available in play store. One of the best app for call recording is Automatic Call Recorder. This app has both Free and Pro version, though free version fairly comes with every benefits of Pro version.

                                                                                How to Record a phone call

                                                                                • Download "Automatic Call Recorder" from Play store. To download- Click here
                                                                                • Open this app and give check mark on record Calls Box
                                                                                • Then set file type wav from media setting so that you can easily play this file by any third party player.
                                                                                • In audio source select Mic.
                                                                                • Now make a phone call with someone, when talking will start you will see a red recording icon on status bar. That means your conversation is recording.
                                                                                After the call you will see a notification on status bar that you have new recordings. Then pull down notification panel and tap on that notification you will see Play, Save, Delete, Share etc options recorded audio.
                                                                                    If you can’t properly hear the recorded audio or if it don’t play properly than change the audio source. Use audio source which can provide better output.
                                                                                      There are also some other features in settings, like you can save recorded audio on cloud storage, SD card save option, or start recording by shaking etc.
                                                                                        Some other call recording app-
                                                                                          RMC Call Recorder - Click here
                                                                                          Call Recorder - Click here

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                                                                                          How to recover deleted files from PC or Smartphone

                                                                                          Sometime we accidentally delete important data from our PC or phone. But there are also some ways to recover deleted data. If your important files got deleted from your PC or phone then you should not save any new data until you recover deleted files. Also you should disconnect Wi-Fi and 2g/3g connection from your phone. This will block data overwriting from automatic app update.

                                                                                            How to recover deleted files

                                                                                            Follow the steps below to recover deleted data from phone or PC-
                                                                                              1. Download Recuva software in your PC. Recuva is an application which can recover deleted files from any drive or folder in your pc. When you connect your Smartphone with PC by USB cable then your phone SD card will also act as a drive of PC. 
                                                                                              2. Download Recuva from this link. Click here
                                                                                              3. Install Recuva in your PC.
                                                                                              4. Then open Recuva and select the file types you want to recover. If you want to recover all types offiles which are possible to recover then mark on All Files.
                                                                                              5. Select the drive from where you want to recover files. If you want to recover deleted data from phone in this case your phone have to connected with PC via USB cable. Then choose SD card or any specific folder of SD card of your phone from where you want to recover data.
                                                                                              6. Then enable deep scan.
                                                                                              7. Start the scanning. When scanning will be completed recuva will show a list of deleted files those are recovered by Recuva.
                                                                                              8. Save your recovered files in another drive. Not in the drive from where you just recovered deleted files. If you recovered files from your phone than save these files in PC instead of SD card.

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