Top 5 activities you should avoid in blogger

BlogSpot is one of the most popular blogging platform. There are millions of blogs are running on the blogger. You can earn money by showing Adsense ads on your sites but before that you have to conform some rules. Note Adsense is a google ad networks which allow you to show their ads on your site if you agree their conditions.

How to download android apps and games from google play store to pc

There are so many websites on the web which allows you to download android apps for free. Also apps vendors are always updating their app after a certain time to improve performance of the app. so the major problem of downloading apps from these sites that most of the times you cant get the latest version of your necessary apps.

How to watch Live streaming and flash content on android phone

Currently most of the website relies on the flash to create their content. Besides Adobe Flash Player is the most common option for watch videos on youtube, myspace, facebook etc websites. Not only these sites adobe flash player is needed to view any videos or flash content in any website that basically works as plugin in browser.

How to find where a picture was taken

So while surfing on the web you found a interesting picture that can be a beautiful place or anything beautiful scenario. You wish you would like to visit this place sometimes in the future.

How to play YouTube playlists with VLC media player

VLC media player is one of the most popular video player. Its can play almost all types of video format even also YouTube Videos by direct streaming.
First you need to look what benefits you can get YouTube streaming via VLC player